Relaxation, Meditation & Healing

Floating is an amazing experience that cannot be achieved elsewhere.

Floating is a simple experience
that can bring great relaxation and wellness to your body!

Floating creates an environment that cannot be found anywhere else on earth. When you float you enter a private float tank that is filled with 10" of water that has 800 lbs of epsom salts dissolved into it. You lie down in the water, in which you will find your body immediately floats because of the incredibly high concentration of epsom salts. The water is maintained at the same temperature as the surface of your skin so that in a few minutes you do not feel the water anymore and remain relaxed and still. The tank has many options and you can choose to float with the door open or closed, with the lights on or off, and you can choose to play music or rest in silence.

When floating there are no distractions and limited sensory inputs, creating the feeling as if time has stood still. The incredibly buoyancy of the water eliminates all forces of gravity on the muscoluskeletal system and nervous system. These two unique facets of floating create an experience that is deeply relaxing, calms overly stimulated systems, and provides many health benefits.

At Float Canmore all of our regular floating sessions are 90 minutes long. You can book your first appointment here. We also offer great memberships for those looking to float on a regular basis.





10 Most Frequently Asked Questions:

We recommend reading through our FAQ's before your first floating experience to help you have a better understanding of what to expect. If you have any other questions our staff would be delighted to answer your questions.



1. Will I feel claustrophobic?

No. It is very spacious inside our float tanks with light, music and good ventilation.


2. Will I get cold while floating?

No. Our pools are continuously heated at 34.5 C, the ideal temperature for floating.


3. Can I catch a disease from someone being in the tank before me?

No you cannot. The Epson salt solution discourage pathogens from thriving and all of our pools are thoroughly disinfected to remove all traces of contamination. Between each float session all of the water is pumped through a powerful filtration system which remove every particle. In fact, floating is much safer than swimming in a public swimming pool.


4. Can I be to heavy to float?

No. With the epsom salt solution we use (800lb of epsom salts are dissolved in the water of the tank), everyone floats in our pools.


5. What if I can't swim?

No worries. Floating is like taking a bath. All you have to do is step in and lay back. You will be able to touch the bottom of the pool with your hands. The salty water will keep you afloat and you will not need to do anything but relax. Some people have float tanks in their home and use them to sleep in and it is completely safe to do so (even while unconscious or sleeping you will remain afloat at all times).


6. Will I have enough air?

Yes! The tank is not airtight, there is a vent at the top for the air to leave and fresh air enters continuously from the rear. If you are concerned you may want to lay at that end of the tank.


7. Will my hair get wet?

Yes. You must wash your hair before and after each float session. Lacquers and water based dyes are not allowed in the pool. Be sure to take this into consideration when scheduling your appointment.


8. Will I be in the dark?

That's up to you. There is a light switch in all of our float pools that you control. You can choose to have the lights on or off. You can also choose to play music throughout your float session if you would like. Many people find that silence and darkness are the best ways for them to relax and achieve the optimum results through their float experience.


9. Can I float if I'm pregnant?

Mid term pregnant women often find great relief from pain and stiffness while floating, We recommend that pregnant women float in the prone position with elbows on the floor of the tank and chin cupped in hands. In fact, while in this position the fetus is fully floating which allows the mother's back and pelvic girdle release from the load.


10. How will I get out of the tank?

Many people are fearful of floating at first and feel as if they will not be in control. You are completely in control of every aspect of your floating experience. You can float with the door open or closed, you can leave lights on, turn on music and you can even go in and out of the tank as you please. The door is very light weight and opens easily from the inside at anytime. When you get into the tank for the first time we suggest opening and closing the door a few times so you have a good understanding of how it feels. If you choose to float in the dark this will help you find the door when you are done.