How Floating Works

Bringing floating, healing & relaxation to Canmore


How Floating Works

During your float, you will enter a quiet and private floatation pod filled with ten inches of water. Thanks to 1200lbs of dissolved Epsom salts, your body will float easily and naturally with no physical requirements needed to maintain your position. You may choose to keep the lid open or close it, and your float begins once you lie back comfortably in the pod.

With water consistently kept equivalent to the body's normal skin temperature, the water becomes imperceptible against the skin and induces a feeling of perfect weightlessness with no physical sensations of being too hot or too cold and no forces of gravity acting upon the musculoskeletal system.  The air and water become one, blurring the boundaries of the body and dissolving the tension we carry around with us.  

Fully user-operated sound and light controls allow you to choose your preferred light and sound configuration. You may choose to turn the lights off to rest in complete, yet comforting darkness, which removes any visual input to our minds and in turn, allows our bodies to let go of those signals that tend to direct and distract our thoughts. You also have the ability to float in complete silence thanks to our soundproofed pods and complimentary earplugs, or listen to one of our pre-recorded floatation soundtracks. 

After 60 to 120 minutes of floating, a gentle voice will signal the end of your float, and turn the lights on automatically so that you may exit the pod and shower. We encourage you to stay and take advantage of the feelings of peace and happiness achieved in your float and enjoy a cup of tea or water in our sunny post-float lounge.